You’re a WHAT?

When I’m asked what exactly I do, more times than not, I’m faced with puzzled looks, or worse, scoffs and remarks like, “So, you charge people to play around on Facebook?”. Oh, if only it were that simple.

What exactly IS digital marketing, and why do you need it as a business owner, brand, or any other entity? Broken town in simple terms, it is advertising to and connecting with an audience by way of the internet and it’s social platforms. Digital advertising could be, for example, targeted display ads (that’s an entire column on its own!), or your ads on someone else’s website. Social media marketing is simply employing tactics and techniques to best reach your target audience via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and so on.

The best part of these types of advertising is that it is traceable and provides analytics for you to look at and measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

The next part of a conversation usually goes something like this: “Yeah, my nephew in high school does our social media.” That is GREAT! I’m really glad that you have someone willing to help you that knows how to upload photos, type out your specials, and occasionally like and comment. But is it getting you anywhere? Does your nephew know how to manipulate that interaction, analyze data and insights, and turn your social media presence into a loyal community of people ready to purchase your product or eat at your restaurant? That’s where a social media specialist comes in.

My speciality is a step-by-step process including field research, development, strategy procurement, and plan implementation to produce successful advertising campaigns on social media. My goal is always to deliver the best “advertising bang for your buck” – meaning, I use all of my organic (not paid) strategies and techniques before executing any paid campaigns. For the same price you pay to haphazardly ‘boost’ a post on Facebook, there is a way to target a specific audience by location, shopping behavior, lifestyle, income, and make sure your ad is being shown to the people who would most likely react to it.


by Leslie Jespersen