‘Tis The Season! Yes, Already.

‘Tis the season for holiday sales and shopping! Coming up soon is the busiest time of the year in the advertising world. If you’ve put into a play a well-crafted digital marketing strategy last year, I’m sure you were quite busy in the next month or so, and it didn’t slow down until about February! (Hello, gift card redemption.) Awesome! But what does a ‘well-crafted strategy’ entail? I’ll shed some light.

The best part of using social media marketing is the part that comes after your campaign: measuring results with data and analytics. From the beginning to the end, you can carefully choose exactly who you want to see your ad, when and where, and then track when they clicked and if they purchased! You can use these results to either a) focus more on the audience that is actively interested, OR b) make some changes to better target the less responsive audience. Let’s talk about Facebook. First thing’s first. Instead of “boosting post”, go into your Ads Manager and “Create Ad”. Why? Because you don’t want to waste money on people who don’t care about your business.

Let’s say, for example, you’re a ski shop with a CRAZY good holiday sale going on. You can build an ad campaign in such a way that your ad will be shown to men and women in a 20 mile radius of your store, ages 16 to 35, who’s online behaviors include skiing, snowboarding, and other extreme sports. You can go a step further and select friends of people who have engaged with your page in the last 60 days. There are literally hundreds of combinations to truly maximize your conversion potential! 

Next, your ad needs to be attractive and inviting of an action. If you’re stuck, I recommend repeating this question to yourself: “What does the customer want?” and go from there. Instead of saying, “Great-tasting protein shake 40% off!”, appeal to the emotion of your audience with a headline like, “Tired of laying down to zip up your jeans?” Pay special attention to ads that catch your own eye when you’re scrolling through your news feed. Which would you be more likely to respond to?

Facebook and Instagram are strict with their image requirements. Be particular when deciding the dimension and resolution of your photo, the amount of text in the image, and the colors. You don’t want to spend 45 minutes building your campaign for Facebook to decline your ad! Facebook prefers 20% or less copy (text) in an image, so I recommend using branded photographs and saving the text for your headline and body copy.

Lastly, always include a Call To Action (“CTA”). Tell your audience what you want them to do! A CTA can be anything from “Learn More”, “Shop Now”, “Click Here”, or you can get creative and say, “Yes, I want in.” A good CTA in a digital ad is like walking your customer to the cash register in a face-to-face sale. Another alternative CTA is asking for a share or tag. Got a great happy hour? End your ad headline with “Tag your happy hour buddy!” – not only are you encouraging action, but you’re getting your audience to spread the word for you!

Got it? Good! Is your head spinning? That’s normal! I always like to reassure my clients by saying, “Your job is to run your business. My job is to help you market it.” Claim your free 30 minute consultation by calling (609) 576-9132 or emailing me at Leslie@Marsolluna.com so we can get you in front of the people who want your products and services. (That’s a closing CTA, by the way! )