Match Made In Heaven: Consistency & Presence

There are two things that are beneficial to any type of relationship: consistency and presence. The relationship between business and audience is no different. Let’s discuss how they relate to your digital marketing strategy.


How do you feel when someone shows inconsistency in your life? Disappointment, confusion, and ultimately, loss of interest. When your online community notices inconsistency, they’re likely to feel the same way. You want to avoid loss of interest, and most importantly, you don’t want those pesky algorithms to remove you from people’s feeds because they don’t see your commitment. This is why it’s crucial to have consistency in your social media marketing strategy.

It’s overwhelming sometimes to commit to a specific posting schedule, but you must. I always advise my clients that when they decide they want to post things on certain days, make sure it’s a schedule they can stick to. Having a consistent posting routine will not only tell the algorithms you’re serious about being involved with your audience, but it will build expectations and foster relationships with your community. I recommend using a scheduling program like Buffer to set up all of your posts for the week at specific times. Having trouble figuring out the best times and days to post what? Just view your Facebook & Instagram insights to see when your audience is most active.


All-Encompassing Presence

I often get the question, “What platforms do I NEED to be on?” and my answer is usually, “All of them.” Now, I know some of you just rolled your eyes reading this. Hear me out. There are a few reasons I insist that my clients have a presence on all digital platforms.

1) Search Engine Optimization. Without geeking out too hard with technical talk, the more legitimate, high-traffic websites that your name is on and active with, the higher you will rank with search engines.

2) Claimed business name. By creating accounts and having a presence on all platforms, you eliminate the possibility of someone else registering your preferred name. I know that’s a very “duh!” answer, but I’ve had many people experience this issue! You always want the simplest, easiest @username for branding purposes and for people to find you. It’s frustrating when you have to add underscores or numbers to your username because someone else has already registered the one you need! If I’m @MarsollunaMedia on Instagram, but @Marsolluna_MM on Twitter, it makes it difficult for people to find me and recognize me as the same company. I can simply tell people, “search @MarsollunaMedia on social media to connect with me!” and know that they’ll find me and not someone else.

3) Top of mind messages. Try to think about a situation you’ve been in that goes like this: You are connected with your local car dealership on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. You’re scrolling through Facebook. You see that they posted an offer for discounted oil changes. Okay, you scroll by, maybe you share it for your friends who could possibly benefit from it. Later in the day you’re on Twitter and see that same message, maybe worded a little differently. It reminds you of earlier when you saw it on Facebook. Hmm. You start to wonder when the last time you got an oil change was. That night you’re scrolling through Instagram and that post about discounted oil changes is in your feed. At this point, you’re really wondering if you should pass up this deal! You click the link in the bio (because the ad had a great call to action!) and schedule your oil change. By the way – you’re seeing that ad so many times thanks to something called “retargeting” – which I’ll address in a future column!
Do you see how having a presence on those 3 platforms led to an action? Imagine if that car dealership also had a claimed and managed listing on Foursquare, Google+, and some great posts on their Pinterest page about car maintenance. Anyone on the fence about using your services would see your dedication and knowledge, and at this point is easily converted into a customer.

Consistency and presence are simple, organic ways to build your brand loyalty, your community, and ultimately your business. Combine these two elements with some killer retargeting ad campaigns and you’ll be knocking this digital marketing thing out of the park! Got questions? Give me a call at (609) 576-9132 or email


by Leslie Jespersen